2022 Hummer Pickup Truck: Rendering, Specs, and News

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2022 Hummer Pickup Truck: Rendering, Specs, and News. You’ve already heard about GM’s big electrification plans. The company introduced the “Our electric future is now”, making the rumors official. It didn’t take too long for fans to learn that one old nameplate could come back. We haven’t seen the 2022 Hummer pickup truck coming.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck: Rendering, Specs, And News

The crossover SUV class is dominating the entire automotive industry and selling charts. Only full-size trucks F-150, Silverado, and Ram sell more units. When General Motors said we can expect the comeback of the Hummer EV, we thought it will be an SUV. The latest speculations are positioning Cadillac Lyriq and GMC EV SUV there, while the 2022 Hummer should be a pickup truck.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Specs

Far, we know only a few things about the 2022 Hummer pickup truck. The nameplate is about to come back. It is not confirmed, but the sources claim they have reliable insiders, which also claim the Hummer returns as the EV. The latest stories are speaking of the pickup truck.

GM is still not unveiling anything about their plans. Other moves could make us find out plans for the Hummer truck. If General Motors adopts Bollinger’s idea, the pickup could be one of the most powerful vehicles in the market with 615 horsepower and 670 lb-ft of torque. The truck can also run 200 miles in a single charge and electric drivetrain will keep it capable for off-roading. 15 inches of ground clearance will also help. If you need the Hummer truck for hauling, no problem. The towing capacity will be 8,000 pounds.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck: Rendering, Specs, And News

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Concept

The 2022 Hummer pickup truck is a surprise. Recently, we saw a startup platform that reminded us of the iconic SUV. At the first sight the Bollinger B2 and its boxy look it is clear where designers found the inspiration. These concepts are interesting nowadays. The new Rivian R1T is the next Tesla’s rival. The idea was recognized by big companies that invest heavily in the development and one of them is Ford.

General Motors is also looking for a partner that can do part of the job for them. The company is focused on the electric drivetrain, while the rest could be done by Bollinger people. The cooperation has sense and it can only speed up the entire process.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck: Release Date, Expectations, Price

Bollinger slapped a $125k price tag on its future pickup. The 2022 Hummer pickup truck can not cost so much. Buyers in the US are willing to pay for the ride, but not the six-digit price. A high MSRP made Tesla develop the new, lighter SUV– Model Y. It is still early to talk about the final product and the price. GM wants to bring the first electric vehicles in 2022, but we still don’t know the priority. The new Bolt EV and Cadillac Lyriq concepts are out, while Hummer is still just a rumor. Plus, the truck segment is still not offering any hybrid unit, not even in the smaller mid-size class. The 2022 Hummer EV pickup could debut only as the concept.

2022 Hummer Pickup Truck Wallpaper

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