2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far

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2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far. The Swedish automaker is working on its first pickup truck. The 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck should arrive as a heavy-duty model and it will offer around 200 miles of driving range. The sales will start in Europe at some point in 2021, most likely in the last quarter of the year. Volvo plans to introduce various different battery configurations and we are not worried about the styling at all. And while reliable reports are writing about a new pickup truck, you can still find a lot of skepticism.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far

Some sources are convinced that this model won’t happen in the next year or two. The Swedish manufacturer is currently focused on its XC lineup of crossovers and SUVs. Developing electric powertrains is also in the focus, but this truck would need a completely new powerplant. Here’s everything you need to know about its possible arrival.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck Specs

Numerous manufacturers are slowly introducing their all-new electric pickup trucks. Far, we have heard a lot of promises from Tesla, Rivian, and GMC about impressive performances. The latest reports are suggesting that the 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck will offer around 200 miles of all-electric driving range. It is not bad, but other brands are promising a significantly better range.

On the other hand, Volvo will provide various battery sizes so this range could be even better. Still, it seems like the Volvo will fall short in terms of power as well. It seems like the European carmakers are still one step behind manufacturers based in the United States. Official specs are not available yet and we can’t wait to hear more details about this category.

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2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far


Volvo is known for its impressive safety ratings. The Swedish automaker is also working on a new autonomous driving level, which is great. For that reason, the 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck will surely arrive with astonishing safety ratings. It is not a simple task, because building a truck is a completely different story.

The focus is on the vehicle’s capability. In order to deliver good safety, Volvo will have to create a body that is able to absorb energy. Reliable reports are saying the safety ratings should be great, but not as great as in SUVs such as XC60 and XC90.

What About Competition?

The electric pickup truck segment is heating up. New 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck is just one of the speculations at the moment. Of course, the whole world is waiting to see models such as Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, and Rivian R1T models. Ford is also working on its F-150 electric model. The competition is very strong, although none of these models are still available.

We don’t know where to put the new Volvo Truck in this segment. If nothing, Volvo will easily compete with other established manufacturers in terms of interior luxury and comfort. On the other hand, we are not sure if Volvo is capable of delivering performances that could be in the line with models such as Tesla Cybertruck.

Volvo Pickup Truck Price

The price is one category where the all-new 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck could be in advantage. The customers in the US are willing to pay more, in order to get a vehicle that is capable hauler. Volvo will rely on the luxury, modern interior, and a high level of comfort.

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We expect to see an SUV-like truck that will cost around or below $40,000. Volvo will represent one of the most affordable variants in the all-electric truck segment if this truly happens.

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2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far

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