2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign

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2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign. The proliferation of pickup trucks is evident on the roads these days. The full-size pickups have been the best-selling vehicles in the SU for decades and we can detect the growing demand for the mid-size models recently. The growing popularity of the mid-size models is also evident outside the US. Even Mercedes joined the game and more brands are showing their interest to enter this lucrative market. Hyundai is working on the Santa Cruz model which should be another unibody design on the market alongside the Honda Ridgeline. Tesla will also launch the all-electric pickup and leading brands in the industry also promised the electrified versions in the next decade.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, And Redesign

There are also rumors about new possible candidates and Volvo has been mentioned in this context. The recently refreshed, mid-size Volvo XC90 is according to some detected as a great base for the pickup truck model. The renderings also appeared showing how the XC90 could look transformed to the pickup truck but Volvo hasn’t hinted this possibility with any sign. We don’t also believe that Volvo pickup truck would appear any time soon but we can imagine how the 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck would look based on the XC90 SUV.

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If the 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck would be coming to the production, Volvo would not reinvent the powertrains rather use units from the XC90.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, And Redesign

A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine makes 250 hp and torque of 258 pound-feet in the mid-size SUV. A more potent version with supercharger produces 316 hp and torque of 295 pound-feet. The plug-in hybrid setup in the XC90 uses also the supercharged engine version combined with the electric motor and battery pack for a total output of 400 hp and 472 pound-feet of torque. The 8-speed automatic transmission would be part of the system.

With these powertrains and unibody platform, the Volvo Pickup Truck would be among the best performance and ride comfort models in the industry.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck Pictures


Volvo refreshed the XC90 SUV for the 2023 model year while the second generation of the model debuted for 2016. The newest version comes with slightly revised styling, re-calibrated suspension and upgraded EV range of the plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The updated XC90 could be the base for the pickup truck version which would compete against the Pilot SUV-based Ridgeline and upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz which should also be the unibody design model.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck Powertrain

The 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck derived from the XC90 SUV would ride on the stretched wheelbase which in the case of the SUV measures 117.5 inches. The truck version would likely get around 10 inches in the wheelbase to open space for the cargo bed and bring it in line with other mid-size models. There would also be some chassis and suspension upgrades to improves towing and work capability.

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From the visual standpoint, the Volvo pickup Truck would likely adopt very similar styling as the mid-size SUV. The same case is with the Pilot SUV and Honda Ridgeline pickup truck.

The front section of the truck would use the brand’s newest grille version and “thor’s hammer” headlights. The body lines would also be similar to the newest XC90 while the rear would be redesigned to accommodate cargo bed. The brand’s signature, vertical taillights would also be restyled to fit on the tailgate.


If Volvo would transform its largest SUV to the pickup truck, the interior would likely be almost identical in two models. The Honda Pilot and Ridgeline share the same interior design.

Two models would have a very similar dash design with most controls managed via the large center touchscreen. The current XC90 starts with a 9-inch center display, Wi-Fi, 10 speakers, premium upholstery, four-zone climate control, tec. The truck version could come with slightly fewer premium features to keep the price at check.

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There would, however, be standard active safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, etc. The upper grades would bring upgrades like the leather upholstery, more speakers heated and ventilated seats and more.


Everything about the 2023 Volvo Pickup Truck is a matter of speculation for now as there are no signs that Volvo is considering this option. The Volvo badged pickup truck won’t come any time soon but it seems like a good idea.

The model with the attributes mentioned above could cost slightly above $50,000.