2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Everything You Need To Know

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2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Everything You Need To Know. The 2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck is still just a rumor, but we don’t want to dismiss the possibility. The luxury truck makes sense nowadays. Moreover, Infiniti Truck could be built on a solid foundation– a Nissan Frontier. A truck based on the Frontier and with more luxury could become an instant hit among the customers.

2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Everything You Need To Know

Of course, the manufacturer is unsure if demand would be sufficient to justify the construction and production of the new pickup. Still, if Infiniti does all things right, then we can expect a nice-looking pickup truck with great performances and a high level of comfort. Without further ado, this is what we know regarding the truck’s possible arrival.

Engine Rumors and Specs

The forthcoming 2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck will undoubtedly be based on the Frontier. Nissan Frontier is one of the most reliable and most popular models in its segment. We can see parallels between it and several other cars in the same categories, especially under the hood. As a result, the Infiniti truck will use a V6 engine from the Nissan Frontier. However, we have heard rumors that the manufacturer is redesigning this truck and that the upcoming truck will use a new powertrain. Furthermore, the luxurious package includes not only premium equipment but also more powerful drivetrains.

Nonetheless, the Infiniti pickup must be functional, not just for exhibition. Another choice is to bring along a powerful turbo-four or even a hybrid configuration. A V6 engine can produce nearly 300 hp and have a towing capability of 7,000 pounds. The Pro-4X variant will also be added to the 2021 Infiniti Pickup Truck, making it more capable of off-roading. Of course, Infiniti won’t offer the Pro-4X name. For the range-topping models, a CVT transmission may be replaced, and the new gearbox can transfer power to the rear wheels. All-wheel should be optional.

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2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Everything You Need To Know

Possible Exterior Design

There will be a plethora of designs to be inspired by for the 2023 Infiniti Truck. The latest Monograph architecture, for example, would underpin the full-size QX80 SUV and, most likely, the somewhat smaller QX60. We believe that Infiniti will deliver a recognizable design, especially up front. The rear end, on the other side, would be unique, because of the bed.

Crew Cab configuration would most likely be the only available cab setup with seating for five people. We will get an idea of what to expect from the truck if we look at big SUVs and what they have to do. Still, no details about this truck and its possible exterior design

2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck Launch Date

Currently, we are in May 2021, and there are no concepts or teasers at the moment. Fans created some renderings, but this is far from a reliable source of information. Still, we think the 2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck will happen, but not anytime soon. More precisely, Infiniti won’t build a pickup truck for another year or two, maybe even more.

The idea is great and we believe the luxury truck will make a breakthrough in the United States. All we can do is hope to see Infiniti Pickup Truck on the roads.

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2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Everything You Need To Know2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck: Everything You Need To Know

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