2022 Nikola Badger Electric Off-Road: Specs, Price, and Release Date

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2022 Nikola Badger Electric Off-Road: Specs, Price, and Release Date. The upcoming years will certainly be especially interesting in the automotive industry. With the breakthrough of electric vehicles, we will see a lot of new names in the business. This electrification is a great opportunity to see some new names on the road and major manufacturers are going to certainly have much tougher competition, thanks to all these new, start-up and other smaller firms. We’ve already seen the premiere of the new Cybertruck. The Rivian R1T is on the way. Now, it’s time for the 2022 Nikola Badger, which will definitely have its presentation already this September.

2022 Nikola Badger Images

This won’t be just another all-electric pickup truck on the market place, as we will see a lot of interesting design solutions, such as a combination of the battery pack and fuel cell reservoir. This combination is going to help 2022 Nikola Badger to have the longest range in the class, while we are also ready to see the provider’s new 4 × 4 independent wheel drive system. Count on spectacular acceleration and performances.

2022 Nikola Badger Specs

Of course, one of the components that draws the most attention is the drivetrain. This truck will certainly be interesting in many ways. Of all, we are about to see a tremendous amount of power, as the claimed max output goes all-away up to impressive 906 horsepower and 980 pound-feet of torque. Of course, we are talking about peak power, while the continuous power is going to go around 455 horsepower.

Such numbers are going to certainly provide impressive performances and the most up to date reports suggest a 0-60 time in just 2.9 seconds. That’s on part with the most powerful version of the Cybertruck and slightly faster compared to the R1T. All this power is going to probably come from four electric motors. The business advertises the new independent wheel drive system, which should provide superior driving experince, both in terms of comfort and handling.

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600-Mile Range

One of the biggest advantages of 2022 Nikola Badger compared to the competition is going to be the max range. This truck will certainly come with a pretty interesting design solution, which combines a battery pack with a hydrogen fuel-cell stack. The battery is already pretty big by itself, with a capacity of 160 kWh, which is enough for about 300 miles of range. Add to this a 120-kWh fuel-cell stack, which also provides around 300 miles, and you may trust a max range that goes all-away up to 600 miles on a single charge. That’s something you won’t get from any of the upcoming all-electric trucks, not even close.

Of course, this brings one issue, and that would be the infrastructure of hydrogen fuel cell stations. There aren’t many of them at the moment, but the provider promises more than 700 of new stations in the following years.

2022 Nikola Badger Redesign

When it involves the 2022 Nikola Badger design, we already know some of the key characteristics, such as dimensions. The new truck is going to feature 232.28 inches in length, 72.83 inches in height, and 85.03 in width. These numbers are quite similar to the Cybertruck, though the bed width will certainly be good for about 61.41 inches, which is notably less compared to Tesla’s model. Another thing we should mention is that this model won’t be specifically capable in terms of towing. The current reports suggest around 8.000 pounds. That’s not a spectacular number, but it would be okay for most truckers.

2022 Nikola Badger Redesign

When it involves the styling, the 2022 Nikola Badger are going to be much closer to the Rivian R1T that Tesla Cybertruck. We will see a little bit more conventional design approach. Still, the new model is going to certainly come with loads of futuristic details. The rendering photos have already appeared and everything looks quite promising, especially if we talk about the front end. It comes with loads of LED details, massive grille and many more attractive design solutions.


When it concerns interior design, the only we can do at this point is to rely on graphics and rendering images. According to them, the 2022 Nikola Badger will certainly feature a pretty futuristic dashboard design, highlighted by a huge touchscreen at the center stack, which are going to be accountable for most controls. Beyond, we do know that the new truck will definitely come exclusively in some type of a crew cab layout, with a couple of spacious and comfortable seats. This will certainly be a classic four-door configuration, with capacity for five passengers.

2022 Nikola Badger Release Date and Price

According to the firm, the new model is going to hit the marketplace in less than two years. Before that, we will certainly see the first presentation already this September, in which the price is still a mystery. Of course, key competitors will certainly be models like Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T and other all-electric pickup trucks that will come in the future.

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