Day: October 1, 2022

Traffic Law

Reasons for Speeding – Cops Are Not Buying It

Maybe I have become jaded after working in the field of traffic law for so long, yet it fails to surprise me how easy it is to get a speeding ticket. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, for many of my clients because just about every client I speak with regarding a speeding […]

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Criminal Law

Free the Hiccup Girl

The case of the “Hiccup Girl” sentenced to life. In 2010, Jennifer Mee arranged to meet a young man named Shannon Griffin whom she contacted through social media; He agreed to meet her and the 22-year-old was under the impression that he was going on a date with Jennifer and to purchase marijuana but her […]

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3 Myths Regarding Internet Copyright Laws Revealed

“If there isn’t any copyright notice, it’s not copyrighted” This is among the biggest myths in the field of internet copyright laws. While this was actually true in the past, most regions now follow what is known as the Berne copyright convention. For example, in the US almost everything which was created on or after […]

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