2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel, Upgrades, Specs, and News

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2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel, Upgrades, Specs, and News. The next generation of the full-size pickup truck is under development. The testing model has been spotted and it looks like the current, aged version will finally be replaced. At this point, everyone talks about the new hybrid powertrain, which should bring improvements in various aspects, particularly in terms of fuel economy. Of course, many other novelties are about to come with this overhaul, but there is one that looks a little bit overshadowed. Yes, we are talking about the 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel, as there are still reports that suggest this may happen.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel, Upgrades, Specs, And News

Officials never mentioned this version, many experts believe this will actually happen. Of course, the new hybrid version will take the spotlight, but an oil-burner version is about to compete with the American trio, which also has such engines in the offer since recently. Such a model might come already in the next year.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel Specs

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind about this version is the powertrain and engine specs. For a long time, various reports were suggesting a 5.0-liter V8 from Cummins, which is good for about 310 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque. This engine is somewhere in the middle of the road, as it’s too big for a light-duty pickup, but also a little underpowered to compete with HD models. We don’t know if the new Tundra is about to enter HD world or not, despite the rumors. Add to this the fact that Nissan Titan XD with this engine has been discontinued just a year after the launch and it looks pretty obvious that no one expects to see this engine under the hood.

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We might see something from Toyota’s kitchen. Currently, the Japanese manufacturer doesn’t have any six-cylinder unit to compete. We presume it could turn to a good-old 4.5-liter V8. The legendary turbodiesel may be old, but it offers impressive reliability and durability. It can be found under the hood of Land Cruiser overseas, even these days. Currently, the engine delivers around 290 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. This seems like a perfect measure for a light-duty pickup truck. Still, we could easily see some upgrades and more power. The main issue would probably be to meet the latest emissions standards in Noth America.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel, Upgrades, Specs, And News

How About Fuel Economy?

Of course, the thing that bothers most of us is fuel efficiency. The current version of this engine is actually pretty efficient. The current Land Cruiser returns around 23-24 mpg combined with this engine but with a couple of updates, this number could easily go higher. In any case, this would be a great way to deal with the truck’s reputation for thirsty engines.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel Redesign

Without any doubt, the new 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel would be a part of the new generation. We would see all those novelties that are about to come with the new model. This includes a completely new design, led by a new architecture that is codenamed F1. Weight reduction, we also count on significant improvement in terms of ride quality, as well as in terms of stiffness and overall capabilities. We count on a completely new design of the rear suspension.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel Rear Suspension

We have no doubt this redesign will bring completely new styling. We don’t expect to see some radical changes. The new model should be designed in a classical manner. Still, could also borrow many details from the company’s latest crossovers. The interior design will be completely new as well, with more attractive dashboard design, finer materials and loads of new tech goodies.

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2022 Toyota Tundra Release Date

Release Date and Price

When it comes to the 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel release date, we could see the new model already in the next year. The starting price would probably go around 35-40.000 dollars.

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