Seeking the Advice of a Land Law Expert

Picture this scenario: after months of careful consideration and feasibility studies, you have finally decided to develop and build a commercial establishment on that piece of land you’ve inherited from your parents. However, a relative you didn’t know you had is contesting your ownership of the land, thereby, throwing a wrench into your carefully laid out plans. What should you do? In this situation, it’s best to consult someone who is an expert at land law.

Why Consult the Experts

Hiring a lawyer who has extensive experience solving land disputes and other related problems can be a great help in such a situation. The lawyer can provide you with the legal advice you require to solve such a problem in a more amicable and peaceful manner and prevent you from making rash decisions that can cause you more problems down the road.

If the one contesting your ownership of the property decided to bring the land dispute to court, you can expect your lawyer to represent you. He or she can help you win the case so you can carry out your plans for the land you want to develop.

Finding a Land Law Expert to Help

To ensure your success, you should carefully choose the lawyer or law firm you’ll hire. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Choose a lawyer who is thorough and responsive

It’s important to choose a lawyer who is thorough and responsive to your needs. This will give you the assurance that he (or she) won’t overlook any detail that will potentially cause you problems in the future.

To determine if a lawyer meets this requirement, you should pay attention to how he interacts with you during your initial meeting. Ask if you can contact him anytime to discuss any concern you may have throughout the duration of your case.

2. Ensure that the lawyer has the necessary experience

If you want to get the best results possible, ensure that the lawyer you’ll hire has extensive experience in the area of law for which you require his services. So in this case, find a lawyer who specialises in land law, not in personal injury or commercial law. Ask about the previous cases he has handled so you’ll know what he is capable of.

If you have legal problems, it’s always better to seek professional assistance than to try to solve everything on your own. As such, ensure that you’ll hire the best land or development law expert so you can put your mind at ease.

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