Adjustment of Status or AOS According to U.S. I-485 Explained

The AOS is also known as the Adjustment of Status, which is a procedure in the US immigration process to obtain the green card or lawful permanent residency for the eligible candidates. In fact, it allows the eligible individual to apply for the immigrant visa with no necessity to go for abroad. Consular processing is the best alternative for AOS. This AOS is definitely the best process to obtain immigration for non-immigrants like tourists, students and some more. Here, it is imperative that the candidate entered into the USA lawfully to obtain the immigration process through AOS.

3 Fundamental Requirements to Obtain AOS

• It is important and mandatory that the eligible candidate is at present in the USA while filling the US I-485 application.

• Lawful entry is another important pre-requisite for AOS. It means, the candidate has entered the USA with valid visa documents and appeared in the face to face with a US immigration officer by obtaining the acknowledgement from that officer. An individual with valid entry and expired visa is also eligible to apply AOS.

• If the candidate is under the family preference application, then he/she must have an approved and the current I-130 along with the Visa number. Here, immediate relatives of US citizens got the facility to apply AOS together with I-130 by that particular immediate relative too.

Application Filing Procedure for AOS

Eligible candidates for AOS need to file Form I-485 along with the application for AOS or Permanent Residence. Here, immediate relatives need to submit AOS application with USCIS at 2 different points. Here, it is imperative to file Form I-485 after the approval of the I-130 petition. While immediate relative is allowed to apply together Form I-485 and Form I-130 together. The forms for family-based AOS packet are as below:

• Form I-485.

• Form I-130, this is a petition for Alien Relative.

• In case of Spouse, Form I-130A, Biographic info

• Form I-864 as affidavit support.

• Form I-693 for medical examination report and vaccination details.

• Form I-765 for employment authorization application.

• Form I-131 for travel document application.

USCIS will mail you after receiving your AOS application as an appointment notification for your biometric screening. Here, important con associated with AOS process is its time-consuming nature. It is generally eight to fourteen weeks duration for the AOS for the family based application while it will be furthermore for other applicants. The important benefit of this AOS is allowing remaining in the USA with family until the completion of the process. Also, application denial is allowed to challenge through judicial appellate processes too.


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