Three Advantages of an Onsite Shredding Service

All offices generate a lot of garbage, and paper waste is a big part of it. These papers include both the important and the unimportant stuff. According to privacy laws, the office is responsible for protecting the information of its clients, customers, and staff members.

So, how should the documents be disposed of without compromising protection of confidential data? The answer is shredding. You can hire a company that offers shredding services. They will collect the papers from your office and shred them at their facility.

Some companies also offer an onsite shredding service. This means they will come to your office and shred the papers right then and there, thus adding another layer of security to the destruction of confidential information.

Below I will discuss some of the benefits of an onsite shredding service.

Added Sense of Security and Convenience

If you hire an onsite shredding service, you can observe the entire process and be sure that your confidential documents are completely destroyed.

You can also choose when the service is provided for you. All you have to do is keep the pile of papers to be shredded ready. Additionally, you have the convenience of last minute add-ons. Some companies even provide storage services for documents in-between the days of shredding. They have lockable bins for storing the documents. Such bins have small slots for slipping documents into and they can only be opened by authorized personnel of the company.

For added security, these designated personnel are instructed not to handle the documents, instead, they simply transport them to the company site for shredding. Once there, the boxes are unlocked and immediately shredded, so the authorized transporters never actually view the documents contained within the boxes.

This process ensures the chances of data theft are minimized.

Impossible Recovery and Fast Process

Onsite shredding doesn’t take a lot of time.

A large mobile shredder is sent to your office and the documents are shredded. Next, the shredded paper is mixed with other shredded documents, making it virtually impossible to recover the documents in their entirety.

Legal Compliance

Once the job of the shredding company is completed, they will provide you with a certificate of destruction. This is actually an official testimony that your papers have been shredded successfully and securely.

You should keep this certificate handy because companies are audited to ensure they are complying with the outlined laws. So, if your company is audited you’ll need to provide this certificate upon request.

Cases of identity theft and fraud are increasing each and every day. However, compromises can be prevented by shredding all confidential information once it becomes useless to an organization.

Working with an onsite shredding service is your most important advantage when it comes to safeguarding your clients’ and employees’ confidential information.

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