Free the Hiccup Girl

The case of the “Hiccup Girl” sentenced to life.

In 2010, Jennifer Mee arranged to meet a young man named Shannon Griffin whom she contacted through social media; He agreed to meet her and the 22-year-old was under the impression that he was going on a date with Jennifer and to purchase marijuana but her motive was robbery and Jennifer used her two male friends to help her but in the process of being robbed, Shannon was shot four times. Under Florida law, all those who participate in a robbery where someone dies is equally guilty of murder as the person who actually did the killing.

Jennifer from all accounts was not even present at the scene or ever planned to kill him. It later came out in court that in communication with her mum, Jennifer said, “I didn’t kill nobody. I set everything up. It all went wrong mom.” She was sentenced to life without parole!

The sentence had stunned those who were even casually interested in the case.

Now the question has to be “Is this right?”

The prosecutor may well justify themselves by saying “this is Florida law” but then the issue for me is this;

“Can the lawmakers ever pass a law which can make a wrong a right?”

For me, a wrong is a wrong and Jennifer received the same sentence as someone who is a serial murderer.

If Florida law says Jennifer murdered because she participated in a robbery where someone died, and was not even at the scene of the robbery then there is something terribly flawed with Florida law, and those living in the state are living under that same law, therefore, who else has been convicted in the same way?

It is all very well saying, “This is Florida law,” but the law cannot think but people can.

The law should be set which gives judges the power to use their discretion and judge each case on its own merits.

Politicians have a responsibility to set just laws; they have it in their power to change the law, so the question is “What are they going to do about this unjust situation?”

It is all very well for the current, past, or future Presidents of the United States making claims that they have arranged for the release of their citizens kept in overseas prisons but the American government really need to examine the cases of some of its people in American prisons who should really have their cases revisited.

Jennifer was charged with murder but should have been charged with manslaughter; according to my dictionary, manslaughter means accidental murder, unpremeditated killing, killing without any malice.

Florida has changed the definition of murder for whatever reason.

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