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Jennifer Mee was sentenced to life without parole after she was found guilty of participating in a fatal robbery. Under Florida law, all those who take part in a robbery where someone dies is equally guilty of murder irrespective of whether they were directly or indirectly involved in the death.

In Jennifer’s case, she set up a date with a young man after he contacted her on Facebook but robbery rather than romance was her motive; her two male companions carried out the robbery or mugging as it would be more aptly described as. Jennifer’s date was shot during the struggle which followed.

There was widespread interest in the case because Jennifer gained notoriety as a teenager as the “Hiccup Girl,” after having an uncontrollable problem of hiccups.

Compare Jennifer’s sentence with that of others who have received the same sentence.

She has received the same sentence as a serial murderer.

Then there is the issue of whether she should have been charged with murder at all because under the dictionary’s definition of murder and manslaughter, Jennifer should only have been charged with manslaughter.

Some may say, “This is Florida law,” but if this is the case then Florida law makers have changed the definition of murder.

That being so, this is WRONG and needs to be put right.

It is the responsibility of the Florida governor to do something about this and to examine the cases of those like Jennifer who have been affected.

Imagine the outcry if not only a drunk driver was charged with driving under the influence but the passengers also; such a law would be similar to one which Jennifer was convicted of.

Jennifer appeared on a TV program called, “Women who murder, presented by Pier Morgan. I watched that program late last year (2018) and my reaction after learning of Jennifer’s sentence was, “This is wrong.”

1. Write to the Florida Governor

2. Write to the editors of newspapers in Florida

3. Tell your Facebook friends to fill out the petition

4. Share the petition with your Twitter followers

I think whatever you believe about Jennifer’s particular case, think for a moment that not only has the family of the deceased lost someone but also Jennifer’s family, and this could happen to any family given the fickle nature of the American justice system and the gun culture which exists in that country.

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