Day: November 14, 2022

Employment Law

The Rust Belt Gets Tired Of The Label

“Right-to-work” laws are not just a Southern thing anymore. Such laws, which prohibit union agreements that require employees to join unions or pay equivalent dues, have long been a staple of Southern and inland Western states. But Wisconsin is poised to become the latest example of a trend where such legislation is gaining a foothold […]

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Real Estate Law

Fire Risk Assessments For Landlords

Landlords have legal obligations when it comes to fire safety and looking after the people who reside in their properties. These requirements do differ depending on the type of property you own or rent out. Current legislation, namely the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, states that landlords must carry out a fire risk assessment in […]

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Have You Seen a FBI Surveillance Van Parked in Your Street?

What do FBI surveillance vans look like? Such a vehicle may look like a flower delivery van, or a utility truck, or a black van that appears to be a stuffed bear delivery company. If the FBI is breaking the law and not using a marked van, the plate will begin with the letters SV, […]

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