Day: October 18, 2022

Family Law and Divorce

Types of Divorce Applications in Ontario

Three types of Divorce Applications in Ontario. 1. Simple Divorce (Uncontested Divorce) 2. Joint Divorce (Uncontested Divorce) 3. Divorce with other relief. (Contested Divorce) SIMPLE DIVORCE Simple Divorce is filed by one of the spouses who serve the Application on the other spouse. The spouse who files and serves the Application is referred to as […]

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Personal Injury

What Is Subrogation and How Does It Affect Personal Injury Settlements?

When a personal injury claim goes to court for trial, compensation can be recovered, whether through a settlement or verdict. This monetary settlement is intended to cover the damages and losses associated with a victim’s injuries and successive recovery. In cases of egregious negligence or serious injuries, additional compensation may be awarded for pain and […]

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